Microcontroller Haul

A few microcontrollers I picked up recently

What I picked up

So recently I picked up a few new microcontrollers to have a play with. I have played around with the Beaglebone, Raspberry Pi 1/2 and some old Arduinos before but these are all new to me. I picked up the following:

  • Raspberry Pi Zero - £4
  • Chip - $9 + some obscene shipping cost
  • BBC Microbit - £12

It might look as if the Chip is really well priced, considering it has built in Bluetooth and Wifi unlike the Pi Zero, which it is, don't get me wrong. The problem is all of their products ship from China and they A) take quite a while and B) The shipping is greater than the cost of the thing in the first place. It's a bit of a shame really that there's no-one over in the UK (that I could find at the time) that had imported a whole batch of them at once and could therefore sell them without such a crazy shipping cost for a $9 product.

Size comparison

Well I've attached a photo to this post which should clear that up for you. They're all pretty damn small, they vary slightly, with the Pi Zero being the most compact but that's not to say the Chip and Microbit are far off and considering what is packed into the Chip it really is a great effort.

microcontroller comparison

What to do with them

I'm honestly not sure yet. I'm thinking of hooking up the Chip to make a small games console running Pico-8 but with its built in Wifi I am tempted to try and use it as a media center attached to my TV. The Microbit I mainly got just because I'm intrigued with how far it can be pushed and so I'll probably just be doing some general fiddling with that one. As for the Pi Zero, I'm not sure at all - I guess I'll get some flavour of Linux installed on it and see what ideas I can find around the web.