Assassins Creed Origins

Pyramid Schemes

This is the first one of these I've done, so I'll briefly explain what I'm doing, or rather what I'm not. I'm not going to write lengthy review of videogames on here, but what I will do is give a list of what I find good, and what I find bad, with a little conclusion. There will be no scores, or anything like that, it's just my view of the game.

The Good

  • It looks wonderful - being able to explore ancient Egypt as Bayek is wonderful. The world feels alive, it looks brilliant and there's something oddly beautiful about massive sand dunes giving away to an oasis.
  • The RPG system is a nice addition to an AC game. It's nothing complex or in depth, it's no fully fledged RPG but having the levelling system, perks and item looting works really well. It doesn't bog you down too much but adds some variety.
  • Stealth or all out attack - you can approach missions how you like. You can still go full AC mode and sneak through the bushes, poisoning people, hiding their bodies and sneaking along fortress walls. Or you can walk in the front door and smack your way through a horde of enemies.
  • Online additions are welcome - the world has online events popup very now and then, offering some replayability and you can avenge players that have died in their game. You can also see photos that others have taken during their adventures via the world map. None of these things impact too much on the core game which is nice.

The Bad

  • Loading times are sometimes absurd. It will load a cutscene, play the cutscene and return to another load screen which then it puts you back in the game just so you can walk forward and then have another load screen popup for another cutscene. Why it couldn't all just be one cutscene, I don't know, but it can be annoying.
  • I wish AC games would stop it with the Animus storyline thing. It's crap, I don't like it and I don't like being taken out of the story just to wander around for a minute with a character I don't care about before loading back in to the game again.
  • Scouting with the bird feels like cheat mode a little bit. I guess if you want to use it, it can be used as a sort of easy mode for the game, but I feel like it does ruin the difficulty of the game a bit. Personally I find playing it with less of a HUD and without using the bird is a bit more immersive. 
  • Storyline is okay, but I find any storyline that has to rely on flashbacks to tell it, can be a bit annoying. I'm not sure this should be a negative, but for me it turns me off the storyline a bit.


I like the game. The storyline is okay, the mechanics are okay but where it does shine is that there's a lovely world for you to enjoy, and it's not often you get to explore ancient Egypt in a videogame. I haven't finished it yet, but I'm enjoying it. You can pick it up pretty cheap these days as the new AC game is out, and if you've enjoyed previous AC games or you like the idea of exploring ancient Egypt, I'd say it's worth picking up.